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E-Remit was designed and developed by Alt N Solutions to cater for the business needs of money transfer companies to enable them to grow their business potential.
This system consists of all business operations related functionalities to help ensure a successful global remittance business and maximize your revenues and profits. E-Remit was designed and developed by a team of consultants and developers working closely with established remittance businesses to ensure the system caters for all the business needs in an effective and easy manner. E-Remit system handles effective management of your customers,beneficiaries,agents,paying agents,money laundering complainces,accounting,effective reporting,access controls and much more..
One stop money transfer solution
E-remit system provides one-stop solution to your money transfer business by providing ability to manage your day to day processes, agents, corresponding agents, customers, anti money laundering complainces, accounting and flexible configuration.
Secure & Scalable
E-remit system provides you secure environment to transact and able to sustain rapid growth of business enabling your business to achieve greater heights
E-remit system enables to have a one stop secure solution without huge server costs, maintenance costs and very affordable one-off setup and configuration fee
No matter what your IT capabilities are, E-remit system allows you to use and manage the system without any huge training and knowledge of IT systems.